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SALE on   Prometheus pellets!  We are trying to make room for more stock in our shop, therefore, all Prometheus pellets are reduced by $1.00 per box from below listed prices.  Stock up now!

PROMETHEUS was awarded the American Firearms Industry Special Award in the Ammunition Category in 1987. Non Toxic, lead-free. Peometheus pellest are the most advanced design in air gun pellets this century. We offer the full line of Prometheus pellets.


DYNAMIC PELLETS, made by Prometheus, are lead-free pellets made entirely from tin. They give superior performance in all airguns. 
.177/450, 7.95 grains, Item Number - PROTM1, $22.50
.22/100, 12.85 grains, Item Number - PROSN2-100, $8.25

PARAGON PELLETS, made by Prometheus, are lead-free pellets which improve performance (velocity and accuracy) in most air rifles. Independent reviews in Air Gun World and AirGunner afirm increases in velocity of 20% over some of the best quality lead pellets and tighter groups with these extraordinary pellets. Available in two weights (in .22 cal.) to be matched to you particular gun. Paragon pellets are suitable in airguns with choked or un-choked barrels. These have synthetic skirts.

The Z1 is Bullet shaped, performs best in air rifles which are capable of between 12 and 40 foot-pounds muzzle energy. This equates to guns which will shoot this weight pellet at more than 660 fps. The Z2 is Dome shaped and is for air pistols and air rifles which perform in the range of up to 20 foot-pounds. This equates to guns which will shoot this weight pellet at approximately 350 to 900 fps. 


.22/75, 14.9 grains, Bullet shaped, Item Number - PARZ1, $8.25


.22/85, 11.5 grains, Domed, Item Number - PARZ2, $8.25 


PROMETHEUS PELLETS, Prometheus?iginal brand are nylon skirted pellets which may not be suitable for tap loaders, some repeaters, or air rifles with choked or constricted (choked) barrels. These fabulous pellets have a sleek streamlined bullet shape and are designed for airguns producing less than 12 foot pounds.


.177/125, 4.5 grains, For all CO2 airguns, Item number - PROCO2, $5.45



.177/125, 6.0 grains, Item Number - PRO177, $5.45
.22/100, 9.0 grains, Item Number - PRO22, $5.45

ZAPS .177 cal./500, indoor and plinking pellets. These are unique in that they are all Synthetic, therefore, light weight and reusable. Made for pistols and light sporting rifles. ZAPS are available in red, yellow blue, green and black. Weight 1.2 grains.
Item number - ZAPS177, (pellets, specify color) $6.15
Item number - ZAPBBs, (specify color) $4.15

When ordering any pellets or airguns, please include signed proof that you are over 21 years of age. Examples of suitable proof can be found on the back of the order form.

Order Form

Click here for more information on Prometheus Pellets. This is a link to the manufacturers web site.

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