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Airgun Parts Available from JG Airguns, LLC



These parts are for H. M. Quackenbush air guns and .22 rimfire guns made from 1871 to 1933.  These are not for guns made by Dennis Quackenbush.  If you need parts for Dennis Quackenbush's guns please contact him directly.


We can now supply American Black Walnut stocks for the Quackenbush Safety Rifle, Air rifle models 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 9 ,and 10.  These are unfinished, sanded with 100 grit paper to 95% final size.  Finishing yourself insures that you get the best wood to metal fit possible.  They are fully inletted to fit several different receivers we have in stock.  There may be some minor sanding of the inletting required as the castings for the receivers vary, however, these should fit 90% of the guns with out any fitting.  We have stocks to fit both types butt plates found on these guns.  Part number QUASR-N1 is for the earlier style butt plate, part number QUASR-N2 is for the later style butt plate (thinner sheet metal).  The top stock in the photo is QUASR-N1 and the bottom is QUASR-N2.  The butt plates do not go with the stock, they are only in the picture to help insure you select the correct style for your gun.  The price is the same for both, $71.40 plus shipping.


Safety Rifle,

Junior Safety Rifle, and

Bicycle Rifle


Key     Part No.  Description            Price

A       QUASR-A   Cocking knob.........  16.00

B       QUASR-B   Takedown nut.......... 15.00

E       QUASR-E   Breech block.........  47.00

G       QUASR-G   Friction stud.......... 9.50

J       QUASR-J   Extractor............  12.95    

X       QUASR-X   Rebounder............. 12.95  

        QUA1-177  Stock screw........... 9.50


Airgun Parts Available from JG Airguns, LLC

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