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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold


BSA Shadow
Crosman 160
Daisy 13
Daisy 25
Daisy 880
Daisy 1938B
GAMO 126 Match Rifle
Haenel II
Haenel 310 Sporter
Markham, Chicago
Releum Sport
Ren Gun
Webley Air Rifle MK III
Webley Junior MK II

We have sold the gun in the pictures below.  However, we have another that should be refurbished and ready for sale soon.  It is in the same general condition.




This a Hakim, made in Egypt under licence from Anschutz.  It was designed as a military trainer and is a very close copy of the 8mm Hakim semi-auto rifle of the 1940s and 1950s.  Even down to the lugs for loading a clip into the real firearm version.   It is in .22 cal.  It is an underlever tap loading air rifle with the underlever contained in the stock in front of the trigger guard.  It is quite heavy.  The stock and metal are in the typical condition these guns are found it.  This particular one is missing the rear sight that it why it is priced so low.  $150.00 plus shipping.

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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold

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