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The Targ-Aire is a very rare and unique pistol that was made in Chicago during the 1940's or 1950's.  This one is .22 caliber.  It has the original hang tag on the trigger guard.  It is in excellent condition and works fine.  One could argue if it has 98%,  99% , or more original finish as it is so close to new it is hard to tell the difference.  Truely a very interesting piece and a valuable addition to any airgun collection.
For those of you not fimilar with the gun.  One of the things that make it so unique is that the stud in front of the trigger guard is a release to lower the barrel.  Another unique thing is that the back strap of the pistol grip frame is the cocking lever.  The most unique thing about it is that there are 3 power levels.  The power is determined by how many times you operate the cocking lever. 
There were not very many of these unique pistols made and it is extremely rare to find one in this condition.  This gun is listed on with a reproduction box.  We also have a second one listed there as well but it does not have any grips.

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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold

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