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Used Airguns available from JG Airguns, LLC
BSA Shadow


BSA Shadow
Crosman 160
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Daisy 94
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Daisy 111-40
Daisy 880
Daisy 1938B
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GAMO 126 Match Rifle
Haenel II
Haenel 310 Sporter
King 1895
King Model D
King Model 2133
Markham, Chicago
Parris BB Rifles
Releum Sport
Ren Gun
Webley Air Rifle MK III
Webley Junior MK II


BSA Shadow is a very small rifle based on the BSA Scorpion MK II pistol.  This BSA Shadow is in .22 caliber and 98% condition.  Includes the cocking aid.  It has correct apperture rear sight for the Shadow.   Compared to the Blue Book Values, this is bargain priced at $300.00 plus shipping.

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Used Airguns available from JG Airguns, LLC

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