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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold
Daisy 99


Crosman 160
Daisy 25
Daisy 99
Haenel II
Haenel 310 Sporter
Markham, Chicago
Releum Sport


This Daisy 99 Target Sepcial is the second variation from the 1960s.  The silk screen on the receiver says "99 Champion".  The decal on the stock indicates it was loaned by Daisy to the Jaycees for their BB gun program.  The other side of the gun is in about the same condition.  There is another decal on the opposite side of the stock, in the shape of an arrow head, which says "Jaycees, Official Model".  This gun is in about 98%  original condition, it shoots great.  The sling swivel is missing from the butt stock and there is no sling.  The price is $85.00 plus shipping.

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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold

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