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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold
Webley Service MK II


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Webley Service MK II



This Webley Service MK II is for sale on consignment.  Therefore, it is sold "as is".    The owner is a British gunsmith that has reblued the gun and completely rebuilt it.   In the process the rear sight blade and elevation screw became lost and are missing from the gun.  The may have been removed to facilitate using the flip up factory aperture rear sight located at the very back of the compression chamber near the shooters eye.  We can provide thise at a nominal charge should the new owner desire.  This is the 3rd version of the Service MK II and therefore, the most shootable version.  It has the .22 cal. barrel.  The gun looks like new and is in beautiful condition.  $700.00 plus shipping.

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Used Airguns available from John Groenewold

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